6 Best Skateboard Cruisers Under $150 (2022) | Beginners To Pro

If you have always wanted to have a hassle-free commute around your neighborhood, you must have tried all the different options out there. Didn’t have a fun and hassle-free experience? Why not try the best cruiser skateboards out there?

Best Cruiser Skateboards You Must Try To Enjoy Fun Rides Around Your Neighborhood

When you have wheels under your feet and you can feel the breeze around, your commute is not tiring anymore.

Our Top 3 Picks

It’s really difficult to pick a Best cruiser skateboard but I’ll try to explain why these three picks are differences. I spend a lot of money and time on this and I hope it will help you pick the right cruiser.

Our Top 3 Picks
Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Skateboard

Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Skateboard

Landyachtz Tugboat

Landyachtz Tugboat

Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard Cruiser

Loaded Boards Poke Bamboo Longboard Cruiser

Best Cruiser Skateboards You Must Explore This Year

Almost all the top skateboards brands have their cruisers on the market but they are all not worth it. You should be on the lookout for the best complete skateboards that can make your commutes fun and easygoing. Is that a problem? Why don’t you explore our list of best cruisers below? Let’s have a look!


Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Skateboard - Best Skateboard For Young Skaters

  • Quality construction using premium materials
  • Variety of high-quality graphics
  • 28.5” deck suitable for teenagers
  • Unique tail design for easy maneuvering

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The Review

The Dinghy may be a little overrated, but it’s a great choice for young skaters who love to cruise around town. It is a very responsive and nimble cruiser skateboard for anyone who knows a trick or two about riding and is looking for something quick and aggressive. It may be a bit challenging to handle for beginners, and they will need a little longer to start riding their Dinghy with confidence.

At 28.5” in length, it is perfectly suited for younger users. And, of course, it is very portable as well. So, you can buy this one for your school-going kid, and they can easily carry it and fit it in the locker. Or they can use it in the streets for having fun in the evening.

It is made durable and boasts amazing build quality. You can expect it to last through the years and even withstand everyday use. The 7-ply maple construction of the deck adds to its durability. The wheels are made soft so that you don’t feel any bumps even when cruising on rough roads and street surfaces.

Dinghy’s tail has been designed to offer a lot of pop, making it a perfect choice for those flip tricks you might want to try for that extra bit of fun. It will also help maneuver through any obstacles that may come along the way.

It comes factory-assembled and is ready to ride right out of the box!

  • High-quality build with premium materials
  • A nice finish overall
  • Interesting, high-quality graphics
  • Best cruiser skateboard for kids and teenagers
  • The size may be a little smaller for some skaters
  • It’s an expensive skateboard

Landyachtz Tugboat - Best Skateboard For Adults

  • Simple and functional design
  • Sturdy construction with 100% Canadian Maple
  • Unique split angle for faster turns
  • Faster rolling with high maneuverability

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The Review

Landyachtz Tugboat is a perfect skateboard for adults looking for a bigger cruiser board. In fact, you can term Tugboats as slightly bigger Dinghy boards from the brand. Its foot-friendly shape combined with a little longer wheelbase (15”) really gives you the best dimensions for a cruiser. With its smaller nose and a perfect tail, you can expect your Tugboat to be easy to ride and make your commutes enjoyable.

Made using 100% Canadian maple, it’s a board that will last through the years. Its wider Bear 155mm trucks are made to match its width to perfection. A unique split angle is created by wedging an angled riser with its front truck. As a result, you can expect faster turns from the front similar to a surf skate. All these specs combine to give you a quality ride every time.

Despite being a little bigger in size, the Tugboat is very portable. You get a little extra space on the board to rest your feet with ease and keep them stable through every type of cruising. It’s a quality board and will give you a top-notch experience.

  • A little extra space on offer compared to other smaller cruisers
  • Appropriate for adults and beginners
  • Simple, functional design
  • Quality Canadian maple construction
  • Rolls faster and turns quite well
  • Despite its bigger size, it is still not a full-sized longboard and may not suit longer distance rides

Poke Bamboo Longboard - Best Cruiser Skateboard For Edge-To-Edge Transitions

  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Mild concave for seamless edge-to-edge transitions
  • Subtle flex to ensure a comfortable ride
  • Lightweight skateboard with durable construction

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The Review

A perfect cruiser boasting 34”x9.125” dimensions, this Poke Bamboo Longboard features a mild concave that makes it an ideal choice for edge-to-edge transitions. Its rocker profile and a subtle flex allow it to be pushed easily. That’s certainly a good feature to have in a skateboard tailored for cruising.

No matter what style of riding you prefer, this short skateboard for cruising will ensure the best performance every time you hop on to it. The board comes with an ample kicktail, offering enough leverage while you slide and cruise. It is even suitable for performing freestyle tricks.

This cruiser from Loaded Boards comes with a bamboo build that is reinforced with fiberglass, ensuring that you get a durable product that lasts the routine wear it gets through during your everyday commute. With all that durability, it also boasts a lightweight construction. So, you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime, without much hassle.

  • Compact, comfortable design perfect for urban commuting
  • Mild concave allows for seamless edge-to-edge transitions as you carve, pump, and slash
  • Lightweight and durable build
  • Amazing agility as well as responsiveness
  • Subtle flex allows for an engaging and comfortable ride
  • It may be a little too expensive for some

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Skateboard - Best Skateboard For Exceptional Performance

  • High-quality multi-ply Hardwood
  • safe and smooth ride
  • Best shock absorption mechanism” aluminum trucks
  • Affordably priced

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The Review

If you are looking for the best skateboards made with top-quality materials to easily last through everyday wear, this one from Quest should be your go-to choice. It is made using multi-ply maple wood and delivers exceptional performance even when put to heavy use. Besides, it gives you a perfect cruising experience every time.

Its quality build doesn’t just rely on the best materials but also the fact that it’s been hand-made by top artisans. So, rest assured that every little detail has been crafted precisely to deliver a perfect cruise every time you commute across your neighborhood.

To give you a smooth ride, it relies on 7” aluminum trucks and quality 70mm polyurethane wheels. The wheels exhibit a strong grip in a variety of terrains, even when you cruise through rough surfaces. They also have solid shock absorption capabilities to make your rides comfortable.

Don’t like assembling your skateboards? You are in luck here as well. The product comes pre-assembled and ready to cruise right out of the box. It is also affordably priced, making it a better choice than most competing products out there. However, a low price tag doesn’t mean you have to compromise over performance at all.

  • Perfectly sized with high-quality multi-ply Hardwood Maple construction
  • Quality components for a safe and smooth ride
  • Best shock absorption mechanism
  • Affordably priced
  • Maybe a little too heavy for some users

Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser - Best Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

  • Offers great control
  • Mounting technology for maximum stability
  • Quality 50mm wheels
  • Best cruiser skateboard for beginners

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The Review

Planning to master the skateboarding basics and looking for the best skateboard for beginners? This Playshion Drop-Through Freestyle Longboard makes an ideal choice.

It comes with a slightly concave design to be classified as the best skateboard beginner. It allows them to enjoy greater stability and better control. The sides are symmetrical, and there is a slight bend right in the center. As a result, the skaters get a much better grip.

The 8 –ply maple wood deck is very sturdy and can easily last through the years. It can withstand heavy everyday use without showing any signs of wear.

What’s even more impressive about this cruiser is that it uses drop-through mounting technology. It leaves ground clearance just four inches from the skateboard, improving its stability and making for a perfect ride.

The Playshion longboard features 50mm wheels making it an ideal cruiser board for a range of surfaces. It can easily withstand rough surfaces and give you a comfortable ride every time. The bearings also ensure that you have a smooth ride as they offer minimal friction. However, some users report that you should oil them more frequently.

Overall, it offers everything you need as a beginner skater, from a safe and comfortable commute to the ability to master a few tricks.

  • Offers great control
  • Drop-through mounting technology for maximum stability
  • Quality 50mm wheels to ensure a safe ride even on rough surfaces
  • Bearings needs frequent oiling

ChromeWheels 31-inch Double Kick Skateboard Cruiser - Best Cruiser Skateboard For Stability and Control

  • All levels of skateboarders
  • Anti-shock wheels
  • Offers perfect grip
  • Portable skateboard

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The Review

This double kick skateboard cruiser from Chrome Wheels is a promising choice for all levels of skateboarders courtesy of its concave design. It is particularly suitable for beginners as the design gives it stability and makes it easy to control.

Designed for all types and levels of cruising, the skateboard is made sturdy using 8-ply maple wood. It is certainly something that will last you a lifetime, and you’ll get the best value for your money. So, you won’t need a replacement anytime soon like most other inferior skateboards do.

It boasts a 31mm deck that is supported by 50mm best skateboard wheels made of polyurethane. To make it even better for everyday cruising, the board uses anti-shock technology. It absorbs bumps when cruising on rough surfaces. That’s something you encounter in your day-to-day commute as you move through small streets and even some roads as well. So, with this cruiser under your feet, you can expect more comfortable rides.

It is very much portable because of its lightweight build. And, you get a bag with your purchase as well so that you can put your skateboard in it and move around easily. The board comes fully assembled, and you can ride it right out of the package.

  • Tailor-made for all levels of skateboarders
  • Anti-shock wheels make bumpy rides more easygoing
  • Offers perfect grip
  • Portable skateboard
  • Graphics may peel off rather easily

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is best cruiser skateboards under budget?

The Kryptonics is by far the best cruiser skateboard under $100. It’s a super-fast complete skateboard made with thick and durable 8-ply maple wood. It is 30.5” long and 9.75” wide, making for ideal dimensions for both beginner and pro skaters.

The super-wide, single-kicktail design of this cruiser skateboard allows riders to maintain perfect balance and experience the ultimate control as they cruise.

It also comes with 65*51mm polyurethane wheels that make an ideal choice for cruiser skateboards. Besides, the ABEC-5 bearings offer the best shock resistance and help ensure a smooth ride through the streets. It also uses 6.1” heavy-duty aluminum trucks accompanied by soft 88A urethane bushings and 12mm angled riser pads to achieve faster speeds.

Q2. What are best cruiser skateboards for beginners?

The Meketec 22” Retro Mini Cruiser is one of the best cruiser skateboards for beginners. This mini-cruiser skateboard is CE-certified for safety assurance, making it an ideal choice for beginners. It comes with a sturdy deck that can easily carry riders weighing up to 200 lbs. The rough finish of the board ensures good grip and maximum stability to help beginners master the art without falling too often.  The skateboard features 3.25” trucks to offer perfect weight distribution. The ABEC-7 bearings make for high-speed rides.

The skateboard is made sturdy and colorful to meet the needs of young skaters. It’s a perfect choice if you are a beginner looking to learn skating and cruise through the streets. Some other options you may want to try out include:

  • Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard
  • Playshion Drop Through Longboard
  • Magneto SUV Skateboards
  • Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser
Q3. Which is automatic and safe skateboard for kids?

A cruiser skateboard is tailor-made for short-distance cruising. They are, generally, longer than standard skateboards but a little shorter as compared to longboards. These mid-length boards offer easy maneuverability, making them ideal for cruising through the streets. For long-distance rides, you should better opt for longboards that come with wider and larger wheels to offer better stability even in the most unstable terrains.

The best cruiser skateboards offer a super-smooth and relaxed riding experience. That’s largely because of their soft, grippy wheels that have become a staple for most cruiser boards. Generally, however, cruiser skateboard wheels can have a durometer ranging between 78A and 83A. The 78A wheels are mostly used in longboards. They are softer and glide smoothly across the pavement offering enough grip for your turns. The 83A wheels are a little harder, and that helps them achieve a bit higher top speed. They make the best choice for skaters who enjoy their rides on smooth pavement surfaces.

Q4. Which brand is good for best cruiser skateboards?

Santa Cruz is among the oldest skateboard brands around. It is known to make the most iconic cruiser skateboards. Most of their skateboards are retro-style boards adorned with beautiful graphics. With their high-end specs, they are known to offer the best cruising performance.

Landyachtz is another popular name when it comes to cruiser skateboards and longboards. Their skateboards are carefully crafted to offer extreme precision and make for a perfect cruising experience, both for short- and long-distance rides.


The Best Cruiser Skateboards make your everyday commute easy and comfortable. They are designed specifically with features that are tailored for long-distance rides across a variety of terrains. You need to make sure, however, that you pick the best product from the top brands around. Keep your focus on features that are meant to offer greater control, better grip, and more stability during the rides. Go through our selection of best skateboards above and make a pick now!

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