Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

• Tear-proof and Water-proof
• Bubble-free Application
• Heat & Cold Resistant
• Multiple Minimalist Designs
Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

• Anti-Bubble Surface
• Easy trimming for customization
• Firm grip with a solvent-based adhesive
• Multiple sizes on offer
Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

Cosoos Skateboard Grip Tape

• Bubble-free grip tape
• High-Quality Diamond Silicon Grit
• Sticky Adhesive
• Multifunctional, Tear-Proof, and Waterproof

Best Grip Tape Options For Your Skateboard To Grip Better And Ride In Style

You might have considered all the technical details while buying your new skateboard and must have made the best buying decision, but is your skateboard ready to ride yet? Will you be able to perform those kickflips, ollies, nollies, and heelflips as you take your first ride on your skateboard right out of the box? Wait! Your skateboard is not ready just yet unless you have equipped it with the best grip tape to give your feet some traction and grip to enjoy the trickiest of rides. Even if you have bought the best skateboard out there, you won’t be able to perform a single Ollie on it if it doesn’t offer enough traction.

Buy The Best Grip Tape For Added Traction And Style

Grip tape is not just an optional accessory for your skateboard, and you shouldn’t always settle for the cheapest option out there. It is always a great idea to invest in the best quality grip tape to enhance your overall skateboarding experience. Besides offering the traction and grip to allow your feet to hold onto the skateboard as you land after performing those tricks, grip tapes can add a touch of style to your board as well. So, if you have a sense for aesthetics, buy the best grip tape that offers both style and traction to your rides. Here is a look at some of our top choices for this roundup!

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet
Size - 33" x 9" (Single Sheet),  Color - Orange Flame, Compatible Material - Wood, Brand - Mob Grip

Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet
Material -  Tough silicon carbide, Size - 9" x 33" Sheet, Color - 
Black, Compatible Material - Wood, Brand - Jessup Grip Tape

Cosoos Skateboard Grip Tape
Material - HIGH QUALITY, Size - 45.2x10.6 inch / 115x27cm, Colour - Black, Compatible material - Paper, Brand - COSOOS

Grizzly Grip Stamp Grip Tape
Size - One Size,  Color - Black,  Brand - Grizzly Griptape

Black Diamond Grip Tape Sheet

PEEL AND STICK - EXCELLENT GRIP - LONG LASTING - CUSTOMIZABLE – Black Diamond Grip offers a wide variety of colors

Black Widow Grip Tape
This griptape sheet measures 9 inches by 33 inches Each sheet with Black Widow logo logo in the back don't be foold by non branded.

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape
Size - One Size,  Color - One Color, Brand - Shake Junt - 8.98 x 1.93 x 1.65 inches; 3.84 Ounces

Mr. Pen Grip Tape
Mr. Pen grip tape 36.4 x 10.6 inches (110x27cm), Made from durable quality silicone-carbide grit,  Super adhesive bubble free application.

SUABO Skull Grip Tape
Skateboard grip tape size 9''x33''. Fits all skateboard shapes. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Good choice for Birthday/Christmas/Holiday gift.

Senya Galaxy Grip Tape
Size:33.1inch (L) , *9.1inch (W). Material: Exclusive Silicon-Carbide grit Super sticky adhesive that won't peel in extreme heat or cold.


Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

The Best Grip Tape For Professionals

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black

The Review

A popular choice of professional skateboarders, the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape is among the best on the market. Mob offers you the choice to pick from amongst the best minimalistic designs and subtle colors with each sheet measuring around 9” in width and 33” in length.

This grip tape comes with hundreds of small holes on it that let the air pass through so that you can have a completely bubble-free application. As a result, the tape sticks well on the skateboard deck and serves the purpose rather nicely.

One of the best things about this grip tape is that it is made water-proof, and it doesn’t wear away quickly due to skateboarding in harsh weather conditions.

The base paper of this tape is tear-proof and you can expect it to last longer no matter how much wear it gets through over time. If your skateboarding style needs a rugged grip, that’s what you get with this Mob Grip Tape. It won’t shred into pieces and will give you the kind of ruggedness you need for a perfect skateboarding experience. Remember, however, that ruggedness makes it tough and it will be a bit harder to customize this tape by cutting it into smaller pieces.

The latest versions of the Mob grip tape use a modern binding process to bind the tape’s design into its grit. So, it does not peel off too easily.

The tape also features a sharp grit of silicon carbide that can be a bit harsh on your skateboard shoes. So, if you want to use this grip tape, you must have the best skateboard shoes that have been specifically designed to work with this type of grip. It may start sharp, but you can expect it to mellow down with time, though. That makes it just the perfect fit for your needs.


Tear-proof and water-proof grip tape

Bubble-free application due to hundreds of invisible pores on its surface

Heat and cold resistant design

Mellows down overtime to give you a show-friendly grip

Available in multiple minimalist designs


Not too easy to customize and cut into small patches

Rugged surface in the beginning


Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

A Perfect Choice for Cruisers and Casual Skaters

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

The Review

Jessup skateboard grip tape serves the need of a wide range of skateboarders from newbies and casual skaters to cruisers. Its rugged aluminum oxide grit makes that possible as it’s been bound with an aggressive adhesive allowing it to last through even the toughest of impacts.

The grip tape is available in a standard size, but you can also get other sizing options as well. With the variety in sizes, the grip tape fits perfectly to a range of different skateboards, including cruisers and longboards.

This grip tape comes with a unique solvent-based adhesive and gives you a very firm grip while making sure that the base won’t flake off quickly as with other tapes on the market. It also sticks firmly to your skateboard deck courtesy of its anti-bubble surface. You won’t have to put in any extra effort here.

Furthermore, it’s one of the mellowest grip tapes out there, and that is why it is the best grip tape for beginners. Being mellow, it’s not harsh at your shoes either, and you won’t have to worry about using a special type of skateboard shoes with this grip tape under your feet. Still, however, this tape is not tailored for the most aggressive of skaters.


Anti-bubble surface makes application easier

Uses a strong solvent-based adhesive to offer a firm grip

Trimming the tape is easy and it can be easily tailored for a variety of skateboards

Easy on your skateboard shoes

Available in multiple sizes


Quickly mellows down as compared to other tapes

Due to strong adhesive, you can’t peel it off easily after applying


Cosoos Skateboard Grip Tape

Best Multifunctional Grip Tape

Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

The Review

Cosoos offers this top-of-the-line grip tape that measures 45.2” x 10.6” and makes a very big sheet that you can easily trim to fit a variety of deck sizes. Just like the top two choices above, this one is also a bubble-free grip tape that will stick on your board for a lifetime. The small, invisible perforations on the surface of this grip tape let the air pass through, and you can never go wrong with its application as it won’t let the bubbles form at any cost.

A high-strength, timeproof grip tape, this one from Cosoos is made using a diamond silicon grit binding process that makes sure it won’t wear out too quickly. It is 1.5mm thick and made strong enough to last through everyday wear rather easily. A sticky adhesive at the back makes sure it doesn’t peel off even when you ride your board in very cold and hot weather conditions.

Also made tear-proof and waterproof, it’s quite a versatile skateboard grip tape that offers a clean trim to fit a variety of skateboard brands including Phoenix, Razor, Micro, and Lucky. You can not only use it on the best skateboard for kids, but it also works just fine with the electric, scooter, kick, or gas boards as well.

The grip tape is made multifunctional, and it works fine for skateboard and scooter riders of all skill levels. You can expect a perfect grip and perform your tricks better and with greater safety. You may even use this multifunctional product in your handgun or pistol as well.


Bubble-free grip tape for smooth application

Clean trim to fit a variety of skateboards including slide plate, kick, roller, and scooter boards

Uses high-quality diamond silicon grit

Uses a sticky adhesive that doesn’t peel off even in extreme cold and hot weather

Tear-proof and waterproof backing

Multifunctional grip tape to serve different purposes


May scrape your skateboard shoes from the underside

Not easy to remove even when you have to change it


Grizzly Grip Stamp Grip Tape

A Moderate Grip Tape For Hobbyist And Casual Skateboarders

Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip One Size

The Review

Hailing from one of the top brands on the market, the Grizzly Grip tape is certainly one product that everyone would want to recommend for a perfect skateboarding experience.

The Grip Stamp Grip Tape from Grizzly is one of the top choices for hobbyist and casual skateboarders. The sheet comes in a standard size and measures 9” in width and 33” in length. On top of that, it carries everything that makes it one of the best products out there that are certainly worth recommending.

It’s a moderate, capable grip tape for skateboarders and does not go too hard at their shoes. The grip tape uses a typical diamond grit that has been treated to offer greater granulation. This added granulation makes it finer and allows it to offer greater control compared to a thicker and clumsier grit. So, even if you are a casual skateboarder, you shouldn’t have any issues using this Grizzly Stamp Grip Tape on your skateboard.

Its anti-bubble and anti-slip capabilities make it a perfect choice for skateboarders, especially beginners and hobbyists. The agility of this product further adds to its moderate profile, offering greater balance to the riders regardless of their skill level.

The minimalist design looks cool, and it only features the Grizzly Stamp on it. It’s in a nice color though and looks attractive.


A grip tape with a moderate profile that’s not too hard on your skateboard shoes

Uses a typical diamond grit

Increased granulation on the grit offers greater control

Anti-bubble design allows for easy application

Features a minimalist design with the Grizzly Stamp on top


Not a fancy grip tape for aesthetic lovers


Black Diamond Grip Tape Sheet

Best Customizable Grip Tape

Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape, Black

The Review

This peel and stick skateboard grip tape is, probably, the most customizable option out there that comes in multiple attractive design options as well. There are around twenty amazing designs on offer that range from common patterns like checkers to some of the most attractive multi-color options. So, you can expect to have something that doesn’t just give you the much-needed grip but also allows you to make a style statement. The standard-size grip tape sheet allows you to cover most skateboards. And, your board is slightly shorter or longer, it can easily be trimmed to give you a perfect custom fit.

The 80-grit silicon-carbide surface of this grip tape provides excellent grip for most skateboard rides. The better grit doesn’t just provide support but also allows your shoes to grip firmly as you land during those ollies and kickflips.

It’s a heavy-duty grip tape that doesn’t just offer a high-quality grip but is also made strong enough to last through the harsh weather conditions no matter how hard you skate. It is made waterproof as well and is an all-terrain grip tape. The industrial-grade glue allows it to stick to any surface, and it won’t wear out too easily. The peel and stick design allows for easy application too.

While this grip tape is made extremely durable, it may get a little slippery when wet. Probably, that’s the only thing you should be cautious about when choosing this grip tape for your skateboard. The affordable price tag may want you to ignore this little inconvenience, though.


A simple peel and stick grip tape that’s easy to apply

Trimming and customization is super simple

A sturdy and long-lasting grip tape that doesn’t wear out too easily

Available in a variety of patterns and color options

Made weatherproof and waterproof for everyday use


Becomes softer and mellow over time



Black Widow Grip Tape

Best Grip Tape For Cruisers and Longboards

Skateboards or Longboards Griptape

The Review

Known best for its use on the longboards and cruiser skateboards, the Black Widow grip tape is a reasonably good choice for skaters, regardless of their skating style. Though it may not compare well with the Grizzly and Jessup skateboard grip tapes, it’s still worth the small price you have to pay for it.

Made weather-resistant, the adhesive on this grip tape is sticky and won’t budge off even when you use it in extreme temperatures. You can expect it to get a little slippery when it becomes a bit too wet. Still, however, it won’t peel off that easily.

The grip tape comes in a limited range of designs and colors. So, if you are looking for some variety here, you’d be disappointed. However, if you are more interested in something that serves the purpose better and is also easy on your pocket, the Black Widow grip tape will surely leave you satisfied. And, even in the limited color and design range, you will get some vibrant blues and reds making a perfect checkered pattern.


The sticky adhesive doesn’t peel off even in extreme weather

Multiple vivid colors are available

Works well with cruisers and longboards

An affordable grip tape that serves the purpose well


Becomes slippery when it gets wet

Design options are a bit too limited



Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape

Best Skateboard Grip Tape For Beginners

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape One Color, One Size

The Review

If you are a beginner who wants to learn some new tricks, the Shake Junt Spray is probably the best grip tape for you. It doesn’t just give you a fresh take navigating away from those old-fashioned and boring all-black grip tapes, but it also makes feet positioning easier for you before you learn the art and don’t need any pointers for feet placement anymore. The grip tape has “Shake Junt!” printed on it in vibrant color, and it doesn’t just give your skateboard a touch of style but also serves as a marker for where you should be kicking or land while performing your favorite tricks.

Besides its cool design that makes this grip tape unique, it offers a great grip to let you ride your skateboard with confidence. The best part is that it works equally well in dry and wet conditions, so you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Applying the grip tape may be a bit tricky as some users experienced bubbles, but it’s easier to crease. Overall, the grip it offers is just great.


Provides you a marker for feet placement

Features an interesting, vibrant graphic

Provides the traction you need

Made durable for everyday use by beginners


Installation is a bit tricky


Mr. Pen Grip Tape

Best Affordable Grip Tape With Great Quality

Skateboard Grip Tape, Non Slip Tape, Scooter Grips

The Review

One of the most affordable grip tapes out there for skateboards, especially considering the fact that the sheet is slightly bigger than the standard size. It measures 10” x 36” and offers great quality. In fact, it compares to the priciest options available on the market when it comes to quality.

It is made using a durable silicone-carbide grit that offers ultimate grip to your skateboard. On top of that, it offers a perfect bubble-free application and sticks well. It’s an all-season grip tape that won’t peel off even in extreme temperatures. Trimming the extra tape from your skateboard won’t be a hassle either.

The multifunction grip tape is not just for skateboards, you can even use it to get some grip on your electric scooter, for instance. It will stick rather nicely and give you a perfect experience with a great grip.

The package also includes a foam roller. It comes in handy when you have to apply the grip tape to any uneven deck surfaces. Just lay down the tape, run the roller on top while exerting some pressure, and you’re done.

While it offers the grip you need, it’s easy on your shoes too. So, you get all the traction you need without having to damage your skateboard shoes.


Simple, bubble-free application

Affordable grip tape with great quality

Includes a foam roller in the package for easy application on uneven surfaces

Offers perfect grip and traction


The adhesive may wear off quicker compared to other grip tapes



SUABO Skull Grip Tape

Colorful Graphic Grip Tape

Skull Puttern Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Scooter Deck Sand Paper

The Review

This unique skull pattern grip tape from SUABO is certainly among the top grip tapes on the market. It is made using a dark granular mineral known as emery. Emery, however, only makes the surface of this grip tape, while it uses PVC on the back. The grainy grip tape offers the ultimate grip and is made wear-resistant and waterproof as well.

Its sandpaper’s adhesive surface is pretty durable and does not fall off too easily. The no-rip grip tape is, primarily, known for its interesting graphic that makes it an ideal choice for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Overall, it offers a perfect grip and gives you six interesting and colorful graphic options to choose from. It can work fine with your skateboards, longboards, and even scooters.


Waterproof grip tape for use in all weather conditions

Wear-resistant to survive everyday wear that it gets through

Unique and interesting graphics

Colorful designs


The adhesive may not be strong enough


Senya Galaxy Grip Tape

Best Graphic Grip Tape For Kids

Skateboard Grip Tape Longboards Griptape

The Review

This beautiful graphic grip tape is tailor-made for kids and gives you multiple graphic options to choose from. The 9.1” x 33.1” grip tape sheet is made using silicon-carbide grit binding process to ensure that your grip doesn’t easily wear out, no matter how roughly your kids use it. The super-sticky adhesive makes it an ideal choice for most harsh weather conditions.

Even though it is tailored for kids, particularly due to the interesting graphics on it, the grip design and the adhesive used in this grip tape are rated pro-grade. So, you don’t need to have second thoughts on its durability.

It’s a perfect product for riders who are always looking to stand out from the crowd!


Made sturdy with the silicon-carbide binding process

Uses a super-sticky adhesive and doesn’t peel off easily

Easy to cut and trim

Ideal for harsh conditions


May cause your shoes to wear out overtime


Final Conclusion or Wrapping up

Choosing the best grip tape for your skateboard is an important decision as it doesn’t just provide the much-needed grip but also serves the aesthetics. Even if you have one of the best skateboard decks under your feet, accessorize it with the right grip tape to enjoy a safer and better ride next time.