Enjoy Smooth Rides Every Time You Go Cruising With These Best Skateboard Bearings


Bronson Speed Skateboard Bearings

•Steel Construction
• Speed and Durability
• Smooth Spins
• Raw Sound

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

• Strong and hard Cerbec Ceramic Balls
• Precision-grade Swiss Design
• Nylon Ball Retainers
• Bones Speed Cream Lubricant

Bones Ceramic Reds 

• Stronger, and waterproof eramic Balls
• Hi-Speed Nylon Ball Retainer
• Conveniently Removable Rubber Shield
• Pre-lubricated

If you’re set to replace your skateboard bearings and want to buy the best ones around, here we have our top 3 picks for you. These skateboard bearings have been carefully selected and can go on the best skateboards for beginners and professionals alike.

Enjoy Smooth Rides Every Time You Go Cruising With These Best Skateboard Bearings

If skateboarding is your favorite sport, you’d know the importance of having a smooth ride every time you hit the rink. Ensuring less friction means you can hit your speed limits an feel the air fluttering around you. But how can you get that kind of excitement? Well, whether you are a professional skateboarder or a beginner, you need to invest in a quality skateboard to have a perfect ride every time you are onboard. And, a quality board boasts of the best skateboard bearings that not only last long but also offer high precision. This ensures that you enjoy a smooth and exciting ride as you cruise your way around town.

Best Skateboard Bearings Money Could Buy You

Skateboard bearings are the round metal pieces that fit inside your skateboard’s wheels and help ensure a smooth ride as they mount onto the axle. Whether you are a professional skateboarder or have just started learning the art, it is important that you pick the best bearings for skateboards considering their key features and benefits. Let’s run you through our best, hand-picked options in skateboard bearings.

Bronson Speed Co Raw Skateboard Bearings
Factory fresh quality 100%
Packaged in nitrogen filled packaging
Audible Speed Technology

Rollerbones Bearings 8mm 16pk
16 Pack of 8mm Bearings
Lubricated with Low Viscosity Bones Speed Cream
Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant

Bones Swiss Ceramic Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack
Eight-pack of premium ceramic skateboard
Cerbec ceramic balls strong for a long lasting performance
Precision-grade Swiss design and manufacturing acclaimed for 25 years

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings 8 Pack
The cerbec ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, waterproof
Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield.
High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed

Bronson Speed Co, Next Generation Skateboard Bearings
Deep Groove raceways balls roll deep in raceway channels.
Straight edge frictionless shields pop off resistant holds oil in, dirt
Max impact cage design non distortion custom cage.

RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings Skateboards
Longboards, Cruisers, Inline Skates, Roller Skates, Pre-Lubricated, High Precision Rating, Long Lasting.

Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings (Pack of 8), Silver
Mini Logo Bearings are Skate Rated, precision 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications. They have a removable rubber shield on one side, a removable metal shield on the other, a high-speed molded ball 

esKape Abec-9 608-RS Skateboard Longboard Bearings
1 Set (8 bearings) of Blank Skateboard and Longboard bearings
Lube Provide the Best Performance and Durability
High quality skate bearing, work with all types of skateboards

Bearing 608ZZ Shielded 8x22x7 Miniature Ball Bearings VXB Brand
Another affordable choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option, this one makes a reasonable upgrade to your skateboard.

Neal Precision Skate Bearings / 3 Different Types - Ceramic
Swiss - Titanium / 608rs - Skateboard - Longboard - Inline - Scooter. The Best Bearings Guaranteed.


Bronson Speed Co. Raw Skateboard Bearings

Fast, Long Lasting, Easy to Clean Skateboard Bearings

The Review

The Raw Skateboard Bearings from Bronson Speed Co. are on top of the list when it comes to the best bearings out there on the market for skateboards. The shield-less design of these bearings really allows them to offer great performance along with a range of other benefits.

The professional teams at Bronson hand-vet every piece twice to ensure the quality of the final product. Besides, the bearings have also been micro-polished and washed with an ultrasonic. So, rest assured that the bearings will look and feel smooth as you perform different tricks along your rides on the roads and in the skating rink.

These bearings feature deep groove raceways balls which are meant to roll deep in the raceway channels as they reduce the damage or breakage from side impact. They also come with a frictionless and straight edge shield which offers a pop-off resistance touch for ensuring that the speed oil doesn’t leak out.

In addition, the Bronson Raw Skateboard Bearings come in nitrogen packaging and are very well-maintained. It helps ensure that the metal and oil oxidation is kept until the bearings are taken out of the packaging.

They also use high-quality speed oil for lubrication that combines with their pop-off resistance shield to ensure that any pebbles, dirt, dust, or moisture is kept out of the entire setup.

The raw, joyful sound of these bearings is a cherry on top. That’s something unique and you won’t experience it with any other regular bearings out there.

The micro-groove raceways of these skateboard bearings have a linear touch giving better smoothness as you ride your skateboard. It helps maximize the overall spin and speed of the Raw skateboard bearings. The best possible circulation of oil is ensured to achieve top speeds quickly with their max impact design.

Overall, they make the best pick and will make your skating experience worthwhile!


These bearings have a steel build and offer amazing speeds with great durability

Smooth spins combined with a raw sound make your experience worthwhile

Perfect for professional-grade skating and can compete with other major brands efficiently

Nitrogen packaging reduces oil and metal oxidation

Easy cleaning and maintenance


Not as durable as the ceramic skateboard bearings

Uneven rotation cycles reported in some instances


RollerBones Best Bones Skateboard Bearings

Fast, Long Lasting, Easy to Clean Skateboard Bearings

The Review

The Rollerbones Best Bones Skateboard Bearings land a close 2nd spot on our list with some great features on offer. The features on offer here are some of the best that every skateboarder would want in a quality bearing set.

First of all, this set of 8mm bearings comes in a pack of 16 and turns out to be quite affordable in the end. Besides, these bearings are well-lubricated and use top quality speed cream for lubrication to ensure fast speeds. They also come with the best skate-rated clearances.

With their high tolerance level, even the most professional skaters can enjoy long rides across the rugged terrains without having to worry about the bearings wearing out. After all, these are the Rollerbones skateboard bearings and you can expect them to offer great durability and performance levels.

For making your rides more fun and maximize the enjoyment, these bearings come with proper seals and offer high resistance to minimize damage even when you have put the maximum loads they can bear. The black seals also offer great protection against any dirt, dust, sand, and rocks.

On top of everything, the Rollerbones bearings are made to offer high-level precision which makes them great when it comes to performance. They work just fine with all types of skateboards and, hence, you can use them as a replacement no matter which skateboard you have. There is no need to worry at all.

These bearings will give you complete satisfaction and are wear-proof which means you can rely on them any day.


Affordable 8mm bearings

The Rollerbones bearings have high-level tolerances to offer

They’re lubricated using a recommended speed cream

Black seals help prevent dust, dirt, and rocks from entering the bearings and offer high-level resistance

Perfect for Longer Rides


You don’t get any warranties for this product


Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Precision-grade Swiss design and manufacturing acclaimed for 25 years

The Review

No skateboard bearings review would be complete without a mention of Bones Swiss. From precision to performance, you are not by these bearings at any front. It’s a premium-grade product and you can expect the same performance levels with it.

The Bones Swiss Ceramics bearings come pre-lubricated and save you the time and hassle of lubricating them. Besides, they deliver a smooth and fast riding experience every time you step your foot on the skateboard.

They use Cerbec ceramic balls which are lightweight, hard, and strong enough to give you long-lasting performance. That’s, particularly, possible through the precision-grade Swiss design of these bearings.

The Nylon ball retainers and Bones Speed Cream used for lubrication gives you a sustained riding experience every time. They’re also Skate Rated to offer better performance compared to any other ABEC rated bearings out there on the market.  

The come in a standard size which means they will fit the needs of most skaters and will give you a premium experience. As far as the durability and performance are concerned, it will definitely never let you down.

The product comes in a pack of 8 which means you’ll have enough of them to be used in the 4 wheels of your skateboard. What’s even better is that these bearings aren’t just for the skateboards and can serve multiple purposes. You can use them in chairs too and won’t face any issues whatsoever.

Overall, it makes a great package to let you cruise smoothly on the roads and the rinks. And, you don’t even have to deal with any annoying noise at all. To top it all, these bearings have a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.


These are premium grade bearings that meet the ABEC 7 standard.

They come pre-lubricated and need no extra step before putting them into place.

They have a standard size and will fit any skateboard out there.

You can expect a smooth and fast ride every time.

They don’t make any noise.


The price may be a bit high for some.



Heady Shake Premium 608RS Titanium Pro Bearings For Skateboard

Ultra Smooth, Ultra-Fast, Unmatched Precision Design – Guaranteed Satisfaction

The Review

Available in the packaging of 8 high-quality bearings, Heady Shake Premium make the best ball bearings for skateboards. They ensure a quality skateboarding experience for all-level skateboarders.

With 608RS Titanium Pro Bearings, you can expect a super-fast and ultra-smooth experience which even the most highly-rated bearings fail to offer sometimes.

These precision bearings are pre-lubricated using a special speed lubricant to ensure the smoothest and fastest movement possible. The unmatched precision design of these bearings allows for a quiet rotation and high spinning speed. They are made durable and will last longer than you might have thought. The Titanium build adds a lot to the durability of the product and ensures greater efficiency.

These high-quality bearings make a suitable choice for a range of skates, including longboards, skateboards, kick scooters, and even inline & roller skates. These are inline bearings that come with sleek, skater-friendly design and fit every need.

The bearings are also covered in a waterproof sticker while their superior craftsmanship ensures high-end reliability as well. If you’re looking for something professional-grade, this product is tailor-made for you.


The product comes pre-lubricated using a top-quality speed lubricant.

You can expect ultra-smooth and super-fast touch with these bearings.

High-speed spinning with quiet rotation.

A waterproof sticker helps avoid any water damage.

It’s super flexible and comes with money back guarantee.


Not as many bearings in the package as in other products.


Bones Ceramic Reds

High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed

The Review

Another one from Bones on our list, the Bones Ceramic Reds are equally good as the Swiss Ceramic Bearings above. And, when you have the tag of Bones on a product, you can rely on it with your eyes closed. You won’t have any kind of quality and performance issues at all if you go with Bones’ products.

Talking about the Ceramic Reds, they are not only affordable and long-lasting but also make a perfect choice if you are in search of something that’s extra-special and delivers great on performance. These Cerbec ceramic bearings are considerably lighter, harder, and stronger. They are also made waterproof to ensure a greater life span compared to even the finest steel balls out there.

The pre-lubricated ceramic bearings are given enough lubrication using speed cream racing lubricant to ensure a smooth and fast-moving experience. The hi-speed nylon ball retainer is used to offer greater strength while ensuring better speeds. The higher speeds are also achieved courtesy of a single, non-contact removable rubber shield that ensures less friction and makes the product easy to clean as well.

The Bones products come with a reliable warranty and, therefore, you should buy with confidence. There is no need to have second thoughts on that.


Affordable bearings compared to other similar products

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Rubber shield ensures less friction and greater speeds

Ceramic balls are harder, stronger, and lighter compared to the steel alternatives

Waterproof design improves the lifetime of the product


The product may be outperformed by some steel bearings on the market



Bronson Next Generation G3 Single Set

Next Generation Skateboard Bearings, 8 Count

The Review

Bronson really wanted to maintain the highest quality standards with this one and the packaging alone makes up for that. To be honest, there is much more than that when it comes to quality beyond just the packaging. The G3 bearings come with all the great features of G2 from Bronson and offer some exclusive new features as well to make them one of the best on the market.

If you want a quiet and smooth-rolling experience, the Bronson Next Generation G3 is certainly your thing. The deep groove raceways balls go rolling deep in the raceway channels for reducing any damage or breakage caused by the side impact.

They have straight-edge frictionless shields that offer pop off resistance and hold oil in while keeping any moisture and dirt away. They are also pretty easy to clean and maintain as well. The linear micro-groove raceway surfaces ensure better bearing lubrication, spin, and speed while the max impact cage design keeps the bearing balls precisely spaced and make flawless oil circulation possible.

It uses a unique balls-out technology that ensures the shield doesn’t get in contact with the cage on impact and ensures a go-fast, stay-fast bearing performance.

If you want something that meets ABEC 7 professional standards, the Bronson Next Generation G3 bearings certainly give you the quality you are looking for. The product comes pre-lubricated and ensures that you have a smooth and fast skating experience.

Overall, the Bronson G3 offers great value for your money and ensures you have an enjoyable ride when you hit the roads or the skating rink.


You get a quiet and smooth rolling experience.

It comes pre-lubricated.

The steel bearings offer amazing speed and durability.

Efficient design ensures smooth spins and the bearings are kept in good shape for long.


Low precision is reported in some cases



RADECKAL Blue Skateboard Bearings ABEC 7

Roller Skates, Pre-Lubricated, High Precision Rating, Long Lasting

The Review

If you are looking for the all-in-one type of stuff, the RADECKAL Blue makes the best skateboard bearings around. They can serve with a range of equipment like longboards, skateboards, rollerblades, inline skates and the list goes on. These ABEC 7 grade bearings offer high-precision and speed allowing you to reach the maximum speed potential no matter if you are bombing hills or skating your way around town.

These bearings come equipped with a super-fast, high-speed lube which helps reduce friction and ensure a fast and smooth ride at the same time. So, if you want to ditch your old not-so-smooth bearings, this is the product you’d want to bet on.

According to the manufacturer, they have performed head-to-head tests on these bearings against some of the top competing brands out there and they were way faster. You can also expect them to last longer as well.

Available at a fraction of a price, you won’t just save money with these but will also be surprised as to how they compare to those super-expensive competitors in terms of performance. So, it’s a good deal to grab any day of the year.

The product comes with a money-back guarantee as well. So, even if you are not satisfied with the performance of the product after use, you can get a replacement or refund whatever you like.


They come pre-lubricated and don’t cause any lubricating trouble.

They can be used with different equipment like skateboards, longboards, and rollerblades.

These bearings come with a high-precision rating.

They come with Money Back Guarantee.


You don’t get any freebies with this product.


Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings

Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects

08-Tony Hawk Complete Skateboard

The Review

Mini-Logo skateboard bearings take things to a whole new level when it comes to the price and performance they have to offer.

Offering the identical Skate Rated indicator as Bones, they meet the highest manufacturing standards in the industry. Designed to be fast and strong at the same time, these skateboard bearings give you great value for money.

They are made using super-finished and hard chromium steel and come ready-to-perform. These bearings are also pre-lubricated using the industry-standard Speed Cream. Besides, the dual rubber shields used in these bearings can help block debris from getting inside the bearing.

The product comes equipped with high-speed molded ball retainers that help ensure amazing speeds and performance. The manufacturer touts this product to be faster compared to the previous models.

It’s pretty easy to install, replace, maintain and clean these Mini-Logo bearings. They really make an affordable choice for the most dedicated skateboarders out there. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty to cover any manufacturing defects and you can rest assured that your money won’t be wasted at all.


These bearings are fully serviceable and come lubricated with a low viscosity Speed Cream.

They have removable shield rubber to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

The chromium steel build ensures great quality standards.

You get a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects.


The packaging could have been better.



esKape ABEC-9 Precision 608-RS Bearings

High quality skate bearing, work with all types of skateboards

The Review

The esKape Precision 608-RS bearings come with ABEC-9 rating and make an appropriate choice for skateboards and longboards. They have the standard 608 size and are available in a pack of 8 which certainly is enough for your needs whether you are a professional skater or just skate casually less often. The product comes with steel and plastic shields and is pre-lubricated, ready to be fit into place. The lube offers all the durability and helps ensure great performance during your runs.

The materials used in their build are generally good quality and provide enough for achieving average runs as you skate on your board. Still, there are some add-ons which everybody appreciates about this product. Besides, it is quite a versatile product that you can use with all types of skateboards and longboards.

You might find this product more affordable compared to the other options on the list, but if you are in search of something that lasts longer as you perform your tricks, this product isn’t really recommended.

Available in silver and red, these bearings make a perfect choice for you if you are a beginner and don’t perform tricks and stunts too often.


It is one of the most affordable products on the list.

You can use these bearings both with the skateboards and longboards.

They have an ABEC-9 rating.

They come in cool silver and red color.

The bearings come pre-lubricated.


It may not be the best product to use in the long run.

Plastic shields might easily break and aren’t recommended to perform tricks.


VXB 608ZZ Shielded Miniature Ball Bearings

Shielded 8x22x7 Miniature Ball Bearings VXB Brand

10-Hikole Complete PRO Double Kick Skateboard

The Review

Another affordable choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option, this one makes a reasonable upgrade to your skateboard. These bearings make an appropriate choice for anyone who wants to practice skating and test a new set of bearings for that. The product is made using carbon steel and is typically a durable choice for managing heavier loads.

They also come equipped with radial-loads support that allows them to bear more weight as well as stronger impact while landing. Lubrication is never a problem as the bearings come pre-lubricated and you even get some extra replacements too because the product comes in a pack of 10. The lubricant is shielded as well so that any contaminants are kept out. It gives 34000 RPM with its grease lubrication.

In addition, the bearings easily fit onto almost all types of skateboards available on the market and that makes them a perfect choice for anyone in need. They have the right kind of dimensions to fit in any skateboard, inline skates, or even scooters.

These rolling bearings make use of the rolling elements for maintaining separation between different moving parts so that the rotational friction is reduced and axial and radial loads get the support they need. So, overall, they make a good enough choice but may not be the best option around for the professional skaters who put their boards under heavy use and perform all sorts of tricks in the book.


It is an affordable choice for those looking for budget-friendly options.

These bearings are made using carbon steel and are sturdy enough to last impacts.

They fit easily into most of the skateboards.

The miniature bearings make an ideal choice for beginners.

They come pre-lubricated and offer higher speeds.


They may not be a long-lasting choice.



Neal Precision 608-RS Skate Bearings

Titanium / 608rs – Skateboard – Longboard – Inline – Scooter.

10-Hikole Complete PRO Double Kick Skateboard

The Review

If you are looking for something neat, convenient, and affordable, the Neal Precision Bearings are tailor-made for you. They really make a popular choice among skateboarders and are available in three variants so that you can easily pick one that fits your needs.

You might find the price a little on the higher side, but it’s all worth it. These are the top quality bearings that come with ABEC-9 rating. So, if you are willing to achieve super-speeds, you shouldn’t worry at all with these bearings serving your needs.

The Neal Precision 608-RS bearings are available in three different options i.e. Ceramic, Titanium, and Swiss. And, you really need to be careful with your choice depending on what you really want to achieve.

You should opt for ceramic bearings if you want to skate in a competition and perform some advanced tricks. They tend to be super-fast and are quite reliable as well. All that is possible courtesy of their friction-reduction features. They are quite resistant to moisture and can last longer compared to different other materials.

The Titanium bearings, on the other hand, are made harder compared to the steel alternatives. They lack in speed a bit as compared to the ceramic bearings but their slower speed comes with greater control so that you could perform your tricks rather flawlessly.

Then there are standard Swiss grade bearings and they usually make a great choice for beginners. They give decent speeds and tend to be quite long-lasting as well.


You get to choose the material you like from ceramic, steel, and titanium options.

They also give you a flexible budget option ranging between $25 and $44.

Their high-precision super-fast design earns them ABEC-9 rating.

They make a good enough choice for both professionals and beginners.


Availability issues exist often.


Final Conclusion or Wrapping up

Your skateboard performance often depends on the quality of bearings used in the equipment. If you are a pro skater and often perform different types of tricks, you really need to invest in the best skateboard bearings around. There are a lot of options available on the market and you shouldn’t really have any problems in making the best pick. Just do a bit of feature-review for different products out there and see if they have exactly what you are looking for or you’ll have to trade off one thing for the other. Fortunately, our list of best bearings for skateboards above cuts you the hassle and brings some of the top-rated products at your fingertips. Make a pick now!

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