Top 10 Best Skateboards For Beginners (Latest Models) Reviews 2022 – Buying Guide

You might have tried roller-skating, biking, hiking, and scooting but you might have killed the thrill of these activities overtime. Want a whole new and exciting outdoor activity to make a great pastime for you?

Regardless of the reason why you have decided to start skating, it’s imperative that you buy yourself the best skateboard beginner could have on their skating arsenal. Obviously, without the right gear, you’ll only end up ruining your experience.

perfect choice

Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser
Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser
  • Features: Quite an affordable option for both Pro and Beginner
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A Great Choice For The Rookies
Krown Rookie Checker
Krown Rookie Checker
  • Features: Concave design lets you perform the toughest of tricks
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Reliable Skateboard>

Enjoi Complete Skateboards
Enjoi Complete Skateboards
  • Features: Enjoi Complete Skateboards
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Premium Quality
Landwalker Pro Cruiser Girl Skateboard
Landwalker Pro Cruiser Girl Skateboard
  • Features: Heavy-duty wood and is quite sturdy
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Best Skateboard For Kids
Magneto Kids Skateboard
Magneto Kids Skateboard
  • Features: Perfect riding experience for both kids and adults
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Mini Cruiser For Solo Boarders
Geelife 22-inch Mini Cruiser
Geelife 22-inch Mini Cruiser
  • Features: Perfect for all levels of riders whether experienced or beginners
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Unique Design

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser
Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser
  • Features: Aluminum panted hangers offering great durability
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Great Quality
 Hipoten Professional Development
Hipoten Professional Development
  • Features: 30-50 decibels of noise interval to ensure a
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High-Performance Skateboard

Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5-inch
Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5-inch
  • Features: High-speed lightweight precision ABEC-7 bearings
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For Teens And Kids

Video Game Design Skateboard
Video Game Design Skateboard
  • Features: Super-soft, smooth wheels work great on any terrain
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Our Top 3 Picks

After reviewing some of the best skateboards around the globe, we have come up with these brilliant 3 choices. We considered various aspects that make the best skateboard beginners and these three skateboards excelled on all fronts.

Our Top 3 Picks
Cal 7 22” Mini Cruiser

Cal 7 22” Mini Cruiser

Landwalker Pro Cruiser

Landwalker Pro Cruiser

Krown Rookie Checker

Krown Rookie Checker

skateboarding makes a great choice for adventure lovers and it also gives you a perfect option to hit the roads and get around your city.


Cal 7 22-Inch Mini Cruiser - Premium Skateboard For Beginners

  • Bright Pastels and Transparent Designs
  • 78A Wheels for Great Shock Absorption
  • Solid Aluminum Alloy Trucks
  • Quite an affordable option for both Pro and Beginner

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The Review

Are you ready to hit your neighborhood pavements to start learning the art of skateboarding? Cal 7 22-inch Mini Cruiser will make your perfect partner on this exciting journey. With its bold design and convenient carry, you’ll soon fall in love with your new skateboard. Even if you’re buying it for your kids, they are going to love it too.

The Mini Cruiser comes in various cool pastels and bold designs to give your transparent decks a trendy look. Pick one for you and make a style statement.

With almost 23-inch length, and 6-inch width, it offers you enough room to stand with all the stability you need as you cruise around town. Besides, its 78A wheels give you ample shock absorption to ensure a smooth ride even on those rough paths along the streets. You can easily manage through those tight turns courtesy of its soft wheels as well.

The deck is stable and sturdy enough to carry both adults and kids. The classic waffletop design offers lots of grip and shock absorption features ensure a smooth ride. The classic shape ensures that it maneuvers through the corners rather easily as well.

It comes with upgraded ABEC 7 premium bearings to ensure better durability and a smooth riding experience. In addition, the 60mm wheels lend it some extra speed along with maximum grip. With such high-quality parts, you can make the most of your skateboard every time you go on the wheels.

The Cal 7 Mini Cruiser is an ideal choice for the novice skaters and is pretty affordable as well. Whether you want to take a solo ride or you’re planning to have cruise with your fellow skaters, you’ll have fun riding your Cal 7 Plastic Skateboard. It’s just perfect for skateboarders of all ages.

  • It comes in 14 bright and interesting colors and patterns.
  • Being strong and lightweight, it makes maneuvering easy even for the novice skaters
  • It boasts of durable, aluminum alloy trucks.
  • It’s quite an affordable option for both Pro and Beginner skateboarders.
  • Trucks may fell off sometimes and cause trouble when you try to put them back.

Krown Rookie Checker - A Great Choice For The Rookies

  • Available in 7 cool and vibrant colors
  • Narrow and lightweight and can offer easy maneuvering.
  • Concave design lets you perform the toughest of tricks
  • Budget-friendly option

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The Review

Krown is a renowned skateboard brand that’s been around since late 1990s and they have produced some amazing quality products over the years. And, this Krown Rookie Checker really is one of their best skateboard for beginners introduced in recent times. It’s one of the most sought after pieces among beginner kids and adults alike. If you’re ready to try your luck with extreme sports, and are in need of a quality board to start with, this one makes a perfect choice for you.

What sets Krown apart is the diversity they have on offer and that is exactly why their Rookie Checker skateboard is among the most popular choices for beginners. It offers riders a sturdy and durable piece of craftsmanship while still meeting the budget requirements for many.

This piece comes in 7 unique colors and its wonderful design will grab eyes of those in search of a piece that not only offers great performance but also makes the cut when it comes to beautiful looks.

This Checkered Rookie Skateboard comes in 7.75-inch x 31.5-inch dimensions which is good enough for the beginners whether they are kids or adults. So, if you’re in search of something well-sized to kick start your skateboarding journey, you should look no further. Its lightweight and narrow design makes it an ideal choice for street cruisers.

The manufacturer has used heavy-duty aluminum in its build while the 80s skateboard tape offers ultimate grip. As a result, you can always have a safe skating experience without having to worry about the durability of the product. You also get more pop courtesy of its modern-day concave design which also allows you to learn different types of tricks rather easily as well.

This Checkered Rookie from Krown is among the most affordable products we have on our list and certainly makes a viable choice for the beginner skaters. It offers all you can expect from an expensive alternative but at a fraction of the cost.

  • It is available in 7 cool and vibrant colors.
  • It is narrow and lightweight and can offer easy maneuvering.
  • The modern, concave design lets you perform the toughest of tricks rather easily.
  • It is quite a budget-friendly option.
  • Some quality issues have been reported by new users.

Enjoi Complete Skateboards - A Reliable Skateboard With A Cool Graphic

  • It’s a sturdy and lightweight skateboard
  • Solid Canadian maple construction
  • Concave design of the deck makes for easy maneuvers
  • Assembling is pretty easy

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The Review

This one hails from Marc Johnson, the pro skateboarder, who introduced it back in 2000. For two decades, Enjoi has ruled the market and for some good reasons too. Over the years, the brand has expanded into skateboarding accessories business and they have their clothing line as well. Their panda logo appears on most of their products and that’s the hallmark of this Enjoi Whitey R7 as well.

Talking specifically about this skateboard, it should be your choice if you’re looking for something reliable. It makes a great entry-level skateboard and will bear routine wear and tear rather seamlessly. It boasts of solid trucks made of quality metal to ensure a safe ride every time. It certainly gives a lot of confidence to the rider as they learn to perform different tricks.

The unique, geometric design of the panda skateboard features the panda logo at the back. The color of the board, however, is simple black and white while there are red/white/black wheels which complement the design to perfection.

When it comes to the dimensions, it is 7.75” x 31.5” making it a perfect choice for those just starting out. However, it works for both adults and kids and is deemed as a versatile choice among beginner skateboarders. And, no matter how roughly you intend to use your skateboard, its Canadian maple construction is solid and sturdy and you won’t have many complaints regarding its durability. It uses special resin glue which holds things together and lends it all the durability it has to offer.

The skateboard trucks boast of an extremely lightweight core in comparison to different other skateboards on the list. Still, they are made of sturdy, heavy-duty aluminum and lighter weight is ensured through their unique design which makes pivoting easier than ever. As the product comes unassembled, you can customize it to your liking.

It is quite reasonably priced and lets you to enjoy a safe ride as you skate through the streets. It could easily be regarded as the most practical option available on the market making it the best skateboard beginner could try.

  • It’s a sturdy and lightweight skateboard.
  • It boasts of a solid Canadian maple construction.
  • The concave design of the deck makes for easy maneuvers.
  • You can customize it just the way you like.
  • Assembling is pretty easy.
  • Some users reported missing components

Landwalker Pro Cruiser Girl Skateboard - Perfect Choice For Quality Performance

  • Heavy-duty wood and is quite sturdy
  • Ideal choice for both kids and adults
  • Concave design allows for easy maneuvering and handling
  • Witty cover design looks amazing

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The Review

If you’re interesting in buying a new skateboard while meeting your budget constraints, the Landwalker Pro makes the best deal available on the market. Even though it is among the cheapest choices on our list, you still don’t have to compromise on quality with this one and it offers enough endurance as well. It uses high-density wood which doesn’t easily break down even if you have accidents and fall off again and again as you try to learn the art. It also comes preassembled and you can take it to the roads right out of the box.

Landwalker is a top brand that has always made it a point to introduce sturdy skateboards in the market at affordable prices. For its sturdiness and durability, the Pro Cruiser has achieved great reviews on Amazon. So, you can safely grab this one for your skating endeavors.

It also comes with a cool, rainbow-checkered design which lends it a unique look. On its pattern, a pug is visible and it is wearing a helmet and the skateboarding pads. So, if you are in search of something that looks unique and attractive, the design of Landwalker Pro is tailor made for you. You can also find alternatives in a panda design and a unique green cover.

It really makes an ideal choice for kids (over 10 years of age) and adults alike with its 31x8x6 inches dimensions. At around 5 pounds only, it is not made too heavy for the beginners to manage. Despite being lightweight, it is made durable using heavy-duty Canadian Maple wood. Added durability comes with its 8-layer system which makes the board quite dense and ensures it does not break soon.

Like others on the list above, this skateboard also features a modern concave design which lets it to quickly gather high speed, and also makes it easier to perform kicks and tricks. The design actually allows riders to position their feet well and achieve the right posture for a perfect ride.

If you are looking for the right balance between a quality ride and an affordable price, this Landwalker Pro is for you! It’s certainly a great investment for the long term.

  • It is made using heavy-duty wood and is quite sturdy.
  • It is an ideal choice for both kids and adults.
  • Its concave design allows for easy maneuvering and handling.
  • The witty cover design looks amazing.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • It is all-curved making it harder to balance well on it.
  • You can expect wobbly rides.

Magneto Kids Skateboard - The Best Skateboard For Kids and Teens

  • Perfect riding experience for both kids and adults
  • Stylish and kids find it really attractive
  • Easily perform the desired tricks on this skateboard
  • 95A wheels offer high-traction while skateboarding

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The Review

The Magneto Kids Skateboard remains among the top options designed specifically for teens and kids interested in getting their first shot at skateboarding. The 27.5” deck seems a bit on the shorter side as compared to most conventional skateboards around. Nevertheless, it is perfect for teens and kids trying to learn the art of skateboarding. It fits perfectly to their feet and doesn’t add any extra length or weight.

Being the best skateboard for teens and kids doesn’t mean adults can’t use it. In fact, it is equally great for adults as well as the most advanced skateboarders who want to take smaller rides. These new wheelers will be equally loved by you as well as your kids.

The fun mini-skateboard comes with a stylish and durable deck that is made using 7-ply hard maple wood. Besides, double kicktails at the back and the front with a modern shallow concave design make it a perfect choice for added comfort as you skate your way through the streets or on the skating rink.

The board offers all the flexibility and stability you need and boasts of some amazing speeds to keep the kids practicing all the time. The ABC wheels let your skateboard run over those cracked and uneven surfaces with no trouble whatsoever. It’s one of the best training tools around without any doubt.

This is the best skateboard beginner could use as it offers a super-soft feel and has really high-traction to offer with its 95A 52mm polyurethane wheels. Being lightweight, it also allows for quick runs even through the tightest of spots.

Overall, it’s a great skateboard that comes with an affordable price tag and is ideal for the kids and novice riders excited about their very first ride. Even adults will enjoy their runs on this skateboard if they are interested in playing a few tricks the smaller decks.

  • It really gives a perfect riding experience for both kids and adults.
  • It looks stylish and kids find it really attractive.
  • You can easily perform the desired tricks on this skateboard.
  • Its extremely soft 95A wheels offer high-traction while skateboarding.
  • The trucks and bearings aren’t of high quality.

Geelife 22-inch Mini Cruiser - Perfect Mini Cruiser For Solo Boarders

  • The product comes pre-assembled
  • Perfect for all levels of riders whether experienced or beginners
  • LED lights make it look attractive
  • Multi-colored board offers a hip-style

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The Review

This 22-inch Mini Cruiser is a cool, colorful choice that is quite energy-efficient at the same time allowing you to have immense fun if you’re a solo boarder. In fact, it’s equally good if you want to learn the art while riding with your friends.

Covered in multi-colors, it allows you to show your love for the stylish skateboards while performing unique tricks.

The 22-inch long skateboard comes fully-assembled and is 6-inches in width. It also boasts of pro aluminum trucks and a unique dazzling color scheme. The non-slip polypropylene deck makes it quite durable as well. You can perform stunts and tricks without any worries and can also cruise along the streets to enjoy a worthwhile ride every time.

The super-smooth PU wheels and high-speed bearings allow for a safe and exciting ride. It fits every need and works just fine for riders of all levels whether beginners or experienced.

With its small footprint, the skateboard is easy to carry and offers all the portability you need. It fits easily into your backpack and can be taken with you anywhere. Ride Geelife in style and learn the art of skateboarding like never before.

  • The product comes pre-assembled and promotes ease of use.
  • It’s perfect for all levels of riders whether experienced or beginners.
  • LED lights make it look attractive and a perfect choice for kids.
  • It boasts of a reinforced deck board to offer ultimate strength.
  • The multi-colored board offers a hip-style.
  • It can’t bear weights in excess of 100lbs

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser - Unique Design With Greater Control

  • Aluminum panted hangers offering great durability
  • Easily bear weights up to 220lbs
  • Unique cutaway design that offers better control
  • Perfectly fine regardless of the surface you’re rolling on

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The Review

Yes, it’s all in the design for this Kryptonics Mini Cruiser. The unique cutaway shape of this skateboard ensures that the rider gets ultimate control as they cruise through the streets learning the art of skateboarding. And, of course, with greater control comes greater safety and a peaceful learning experience.

The classic cutaway shape of this cruiser boasts of a chambered deck as well as a slight concave making it a perfect choice for cruising. On top of the deck there are 4 die-cut grip tape strips that lend it a nice and polished look.

The board is made sturdy with durable 8-ply maple wood and is 26-inch in length – perfect for kids and teenage beginners. The durability also comes from its 60mm x 45mm polyurethane injected wheels that also allow for a perfectly smooth ride regardless of the surface you’re rolling on. The ABEC-3 bearings are made using carbon steel and they really make a great addition to this board. There are riser pads attached as well for supporting higher weights and faster speeds.

The board looks pretty attractive and matches various wheel colors. The super cool mermaid-inspired deck graphics set it apart from the rest. The grip tape does the rest to offer a great look to make it the best skateboard beginner kids and teenagers could choose. It is officially recommended for kids 8 years of age and above.

  • It boasts of aluminum panted hangers offering great durability.
  • It is made durable and can easily bear weights up to 220lbs.
  • It boasts of a unique cutaway design that offers better control.
  • The high-quality wheels make for a smooth rolling experience in every ride.
  • It works perfectly fine regardless of the surface you’re rolling on.
  • It comes pre-assembled and you can ride it right out of the box.
  • Quality Control is a bit of an area of concern

Hipoten Professional Development - Mastering Some Professional Tricks

  • It is sold fully assembled
  • Boasts of super-smooth 85A PU wheels
  • The board is very durable
  • 30-50 decibels of noise interval to ensure a perfectly quiet ride

Check Price on Amazon

The Review

Want to have fun with your very first beginner skateboard? This Hipoten Professional Development Skateboard is your thing if you want to learn how to perform the best tricks, jumps, and roll around thr streets, driveways or suburbs.

Generally, the Hipoten Skateboards are popular for their hip and chic designs and this one is no different. It also boasts of a non-slip waterproof material that you can ride for hours without fail and master the tricks of the trade within a few days.

This skateboard for beginners is 31.5” in length and 8” in width which is big enough to position yourself on it comfortably even if you’re a novice skater. Even the wheels are big enough at 60x45mm giving you a perfect landing platform as you perform your tricks. The PU wheels also feature high-speed high-quality bearings and can easily absorb shock on impact with the ground. You can expect a smoother, quieter, and faster ride even on the most rugged of roads.

The double-warped edge design is fully symmetrical and makes an ideal option for performing even the hardest of stunts. It offers all the stability you need along with a powerful grip, making it perfect for young skaters who want to learn different stunts like 360’s, nose pickup, OL action, kickflip, nollie, and some basic ones.

The board is also made sturdy with 8-ply maple wood and won’t easily break or crack no matter how roughly you use it and how often you get into accidents as you learn the art of skateboarding. It can easily withstand 220lbs weight and works perfect for both boys and girls. The matte surface helps ensure that there is no slippage whatsoever and you have a safe ride every time.

The price pretty much justifies the quality you can expect to get with Hipoten Pro. Overall, it makes a perfect choice for the beginners and even for the mid-level skaters.

  • It is sold fully assembled.
  • It boasts of super-smooth 85A PU wheels.
  • The board is very durable.
  • The skateboard offers 30-50 decibels of noise interval to ensure a perfectly quiet ride.
  • Some complaints are there about the trucks.

Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5-inch - Mighty High-Performance Skateboard

  • High-speed lightweight precision ABEC-7 bearings
  • Ultra-smooth ride with this skateboard
  • Injection-molded retro street cruiser
  • Being lightweight, it offers great maneuverability

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The Review

The Retrospect Quip is a mighty skateboard that offers just enough of high-performance features to make it to this list. Maintaining a perfect balance, it can even impress the pickiest of riders and can even work for mid-level skateboarders in addition to those who are just starting out.

Manufactured with high-strength injection-molded plastic, it is soft and flexible to give you a super-smooth ride every time. Besides, it offers almost everything that Retrospec Skateboards are known for and makes a distinguished choice for the brand-conscious skateboarders.

It is priced just right for all the great features on offer. The design features soft wheels to allow for greater control and easy maneuvering without having to feel those bumps while riding on the streets. The lightweight build of the skateboard allows for an amazing four-wheel ride. Weighing under five pounds, it uses polyurethane-cast wheels for offering enhanced durability to get through the roughest of learning experiences. The soft-wheels are tailor made for soaking all the shock it gets when you ride through the street bumps as well as the sidewalk cracks.

The mighty skateboard has a small footprint but offers a truly mighty performance to live up to your expectations of a dream ride. The high-performance features are balanced perfectly with ample charm and edge to capture the most discerning eyes.

Quip isn’t just some ordinary skateboard like many others on the market. Similar to its predecessors, this skateboard has been engineered with just the right features to fit every move you want to make as you learn skateboarding.

You can always expect a smooth sailing courtesy of small kicktail and the molded waffle pattern from Quip that is made to ensure a strong hold as you perform twists and turns and those last-minute dodges. The 5-inch trucks used in the latest edition are meant to offer greater control, balance, and maneuverability. And, the best part is that it can easily fit into your backpack to carry anywhere you like with ease.

The amazing Quip Skateboard comes in a variety of colors from typical black and white to some amazing reds, greens, blues, and a few exotic options like watermelon. You can even pick a combo of these colors to fancy your style buds.

  • It comes equipped with high-speed lightweight precision ABEC-7 bearings.
  • You can always expect an ultra-smooth ride with this skateboard.
  • It’s an injection-molded retro street cruiser.
  • It comes pre-assembled and is ready to ride.
  • Being lightweight, it offers great maneuverability.
  • It uses 5-inch trucks for better control and balance.
  • It is pretty much portable and can easily fit into your backpack.
  • Plastic wrap is a bit hard to remove from around the bearings.
  • The bright colors have a tendency to get dirty rather easily.

Video Game Design Skateboard - Shorter Skateboard For Teens And Kids

  • It has a unique and cool design
  • Hard maple wood build lends this board
  • Super-soft, smooth wheels work great on any terrain
  • Geavy-Duty Aluminum Build

Check Price on Amazon

The Review

Another one from Magneto, this one has been designed specifically for teens and kids on the lookout for their very first skateboard. It is 27.5” in length which is a bit shorter compared to the traditional skateboards but makes a perfect size for learning and mastering the art of skateboarding. In fact, it makes a perfect choice for advanced skaters and adults looking to have a smaller ride as well.

This Magneto boasts of a rock hard deck made of maple wood in a shallow concave design to offer greater comfort. Double kicktails offer lots of pop to this deck too. The video game motive carved onto the deck sets it apart from the rest and makes it a preferred choice for kids and teens who are true gaming-lovers.

With its 27.5”x7.75” dimensions, it is tailor made for kids aged 5-15 years. The super soft, high-traction 95A 52mm polyurethane wheels ensure a smooth ride even for the beginners.

It’s not so expensive either and offers all the stability and safety you’d need as a beginner. It comes pre-assembled and you can just open your package and hit the streets for your first ride. It’s definitely worth trying out and makes an ideal gift for the young and aspiring skaters.

  • It has a unique and cool design.
  • The hard maple wood build lends this board all the sturdiness you need.
  • Super-soft, smooth wheels work great on any terrain.
  • Balancing can be an issue at times on this skateboard.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Customize Complete Skateboards?

Customizing your complete skateboard can be pretty simple and straightforward. It won’t cost you a fortune either, particularly when you have an old skateboard that you plan on changing. You can easily remove the old design on your skateboard if you have the right tools and then start customizing from scratch.

For proper customization, you’ll need paper tape, brushes, acrylic paint or spray paint, sandpaper, grip tape, varnish, inverted inkjet printed design, photo transfer liquid, and the tools for taking the trucks off.

To kick off your customization project, you should first plan the design properly. Next, prepare the deck and the design you want to paste on it. Fix any issues and finish all details properly.

Q2. What are best brands for Complete Skateboards?

Powell Peralta and Santa Cruz are the oldest and the best complete skateboard brands available today. They are popular and have a huge following too. Birdhouse is also popular for being Tony Hawk’s brand. Other commonly used complete skateboard brands include Element, Antihero, Zero, Flip, Creature, and Plan B.

Q3. What is best complete skateboards for Pro?

If you want to buy a reasonably-priced skateboard to take your skating practice to a whole new level, the KPC Pro skateboard should be your go-to choice. Hailing from the house of Krown, the KPC Pro skateboard uses the manufacturer’s extensive knowledge and experience to deliver a high-quality product that allows Pro skaters to achieve optimum performance levels.

If you have been a beginner so far, this 8”x 32” skateboard will certainly help you to level up your skating game. It boasts a sturdy deck, while its concave design allows skaters to perform different high-skill tricks efficiently.

Q4. How to clean complete skateboards?

Cleaning your Complete Skateboard shouldn’t really be a hassle. All you need is a piece of rubber called “Grip Gum”, and it will effectively remove any surface grime from the grip tape. You can buy this type of rubber cheaply at any art supply store. With a grip gum in your hand, you simply need to firmly wipe this rubber piece across the grip tape to remove any dirt and dust that might have settled in. It will also remove any unwanted invaders from the grip tape.

Make sure that you don’t scrub the grip tape with a soft, wired brush or anything else like that. Doing so will possibly damage the tape.

Your search for the best skateboard beginner could be tricky at times as there are a lot of features you need to look for. With this list of best skateboards for beginners, you can easily make your picks. We have hand-vetted some of the best options for you and they are all worth trying out. Do have a look and make your call now!

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