Buy The Best Complete Skateboards For A Hassle-Free Ride Right Out Of The Box

01 - Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

• Beautiful design with a colorful deck
• Multi-color LED lights in the wheels
• No batteries zero friction and greater control
03 - Movendless YD-0016 Longboard

Movendless YD-0016 Longboard

• Durable classic deck With LED Wheels
• Anti-Slip Brushed and Transfer Graphic
• 7-layer Canadian Maple Wood construction
05 - M.Y X-Skate Complete Skateboard

M.Y X-Skate 31” Complete Skateboard 

• Lightweight Double Kick Skateboard
• 31” deck with 7-ply wood construction
• Aluminum trucks for greater stability

Just Getting Started With Your Skateboarding Journey? Start With The Best Complete Skateboards

Skateboarding makes a wonderful sport and a great hobby at the same time. It is also quite challenging to cruise on the roads and run through the slopes of the skating arenas too. So, it needs quite a bit of mastering the art before you could rule the roads. Besides your efforts to master the skill, however, a great skateboard is also necessary for practicing and learning the skill. In fact, it will also give greater control over your moves and you’d be able to perform your tricks safely and rather seamlessly. If you’re just starting out, you should buy yourself one of the best complete skateboards out there. Here we have a few picks for you.

Best Complete Skateboards For Beginners And Professionals

So, ready for a rundown through our hand-vetted best complete skateboard options available for both beginners and professionals? Let’s have a look!

Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard
Brand : M Merkapa - Deck width : 6 Inches - Material : Polypropylene, Plastic - Deck length : 22 Inches - Colour: Black

Rampage Plain Third Black Pro Complete Skateboard
Brand : Rampage - Deck width : 8 Inches - Material : Maple - 
Colour: Black -  Wheel material: Polyurethane

Movendless YD-0016 Longboard
Brand : Movendless - Material : Wood - Wheel Material: Polyurethane Item Weight: 4.3 Pounds - Wheel Size : 60 Millimeters

Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser
Brand : Stereo Skateboards - Material : Plastic - Colour: Miscellaneous
Item Weight : 5.11 Pounds

M.Y X-Skate Complete Skateboard
Brand : M.Y - Material : Aluminium - Colour : Streets - 
Wheel material : Polyurethane

Osprey Double Kick Complete Skateboard
Brand : Osprey - Material : Wood -  Colour: Candy Skull - 
Wheel material : Polyurethane - Item Weight: 0.6 Kilograms

Xootz Kids Complete Skateboard For Beginners
Brand : Xootz - Material : Plastic - Colour : Chomper

Osprey VW Complete Skateboard With Double Kick Design
Brand : Osprey -  Material: Maple - Colour : Blue
Double kick standard - ABEC 7 chrome bearings - Seven-ply board

CCS Complete Skateboard
Wheels: 52mm, 100a Durometer (hard), White - With its classic symmetrical shape  - Skateboard fully assembled  - Traditional Maple

SAMHUO Skateboards 31” Pro Complete Skateboard
Brand : SAMHUO - Material : Maple - Color: Blue & green
Wheel Material : Polyurethane - Bearing Material : Alloy Steel


Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Mastering The Tricks

01 - Merkapa 22” Complete Skateboard

The Review

Merkapa 22” skateboard is among the most highly-rated options out there and it works just fine for both beginners and professional skaters. With its amazing design and powerful performance, you get the best of both worlds. The skateboard boasts of a nice colorful deck with multi-color LED lights incorporated into its wheels that can certainly make it more appealing for young skaters. And, if you’re looking for a perfect cruiser that comes complete right out of the box, Merkapa Complete Skateboard makes a perfect choice for you.

It can easily carry skaters weighing up to 180 lbs. courtesy of its sturdy construction. The grip tape is also applied to the deck making it not-so-slippery and ensuring perfect traction as you ride. The small size of the skateboard also ensures that you can manipulate it just the way you like while performing different tricks and turns.

As compared to other complete skateboards on the market, the Merkapa 22” skateboard doesn’t have stiff wheels that could lock up anytime and make your rides dangerous. So, you can always trust this skateboard for your kids’ skating needs and ensure that they have a smooth and safe ride every time. With zero friction and greater control, it really makes one of the best picks.


Attractive design with perfect lights and color combination

No batteries needed for LEDs

Perfect for riders weighing around 180 lbs.

It comes pre-assembled right out of the box

The small size makes it perfect to manipulate for performing different tricks


It may not be as flexible as you’d expect from a cruiser board


Rampage Plain Third Black Pro Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Beginner Kids

02 - Rampage Plain Third Black Pro Complete Skateboard

The Review

Looking for a skateboard for beginners? This one from Rampage makes a perfect fit for your needs. The plain skateboard is great at helping kids to get started with the art and build some confidence as they develop new skills.

Made with 7-ply Chinese Maple Wood, it’s really a sturdy piece that comes with a concave and double-kick design. It is also available in a couple of sizes – i.e. 7.75” and 8” – to fit the needs of every young skater.

In addition, it ensures a perfectly smooth ride with 50mm PU wheels and is also equipped with Carbon Steel ABEC 3 bearings to give a seamless ride.

It’s not too simple to look at either with cool, slick graphics and beautiful grip tape. Expect a perfect ride on your Rampage complete skateboard with all the right boxes checked.


Sturdy maple wood construction

Gives a smooth ride with quality bearings and 50mm PU wheels

It really makes for a safe and fun ride


Some skaters experienced spinning issues with the wheels


Movendless YD-0016 Longboard

Best Skateboard for Street Skating

03 - Movendless YD-0016 Longboard

The Review

The Movendless Complete Skateboard is your perfect skateboard for skating on the streets, ramps, pools, skate parks, and any other smooth surfaces. In fact, it won’t disappoint you even on the rough ground.

The skateboard comes with a sturdy classic deck that boasts of a high-quality 7-layer Canadian Maple wood construction. And it looks quite attractive too with cool transfer graphics pasted on the longboard. With an anti-slip brushed black surface, the board gives you extraordinary performance as well regardless of your skating style.

Its smooth LED wheels are 60x45mm HR80A PU standard to ensure a safe ride every time. The ABEC-7 precision bearings combine with the wheels to ensure an even better experience. There are aluminum alloy trucks built into it as well for maximum support and a perfect rolling experience.

Overall, this skateboard makes an ideal choice for cruising, curving, sliding, and freestyle skating on the streets. But it may not be the best for performing those tricks.


Sturdy deck with 7-layer Canadian Maple wood construction

Anti-slip brushed black surface to offer extraordinary performance

Can easily bear weights up to 220 lbs/100 kg

ABEC-7 precision bearings give an unbelievably smooth ride

Perfect for cruising, curving, sliding, and freestyle riding

LED-lit wheels are perfect for kids


The trucks and wheels are just okay and need some adjustment

Design is a bit tacky and may not suit every skater


Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser

Best Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard

04 - Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser

The Review

Inspired by the creativity of the American jazz & blues as well as the culture linked to it, this plastic cruiser makes all the buzz on the skateboard market. The complete skateboard comes pre-assembled and ready to ride. If you want the best value for money, this skateboard is certainly your thing.

Available in green and red colors, the stereo skateboard comes with free stickers as well as sunglasses to help you feel cooler when you ride. You can enjoy a perfect ride on this skateboard whether you cruise on a skating park, rule the streets, or take a ride on your campus.

It is very lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you like. And, even though it is made using plastic material, it is sturdy and reliable.

The Stereo Vinyl skateboard comes with a 26” deck that is all-covered in a die-cut grip tape for providing traction and grip as you ride your skateboard. The skateboard runs fast and smooth courtesy of its 59mm wheels with 78A thickness. So, you can expect all the stability in the world when riding this piece.

It offers the best value for money as far as plastic skateboards are concerned. Solid construction and a cool design really make it one of the best skateboards out there.


Lightweight and portable complete skateboard

Perfect for young skaters

Gives a great experience no matter where you take a ride

High-quality wheels for a safe and smooth ride

Comes fully assembled


Extra care needed when riding


M.Y X-Skate Complete Skateboard

Best Double Kick Skateboard For Beginners

05 - M.Y X-Skate Complete Skateboard

The Review

The design of this double-kick skateboard is perfectly suited to the needs of a beginner. It boasts a sturdy 7-ply wood deck with 31” x 8” dimensions and can even serve the needs of intermediate-level skateboarders. With its classic design featuring a kick at the tail and the nose, it allows you to master a few tricks rather easily.

This complete skateboard gets all its stability from the aluminum trucks used in it and can ensure a smooth ride for your courtesy of ABEC-7 bearings as well as the PU wheels it carries. The trucks are lightweight and perfect for heavy-duty use while the wheels offer resistance against flat spots to offer a safe and smooth ride.

The deck is covered with quality grip tape and makes sure that you don’t slip and fall over as you train. The black grip tape also matches its black wheels and gives a nice sleek finish. Regardless of where you ride your skateboard, it will ensure a perfect skating experience for you.


Sturdy construction using 7-ply birch deck

Grip tape helps avoid slippage

Double kick design is perfect for mastering different tricks

PU wheels combine with ABEC-7 bearings to offer a smooth skating experience

Stylish deck with black grip tape and a pop of color underneath


It may not be the best choice for Pro skaters



Osprey Double Kick Complete Skateboard

Best Complete Skateboard For Perfecting Tricks

06 - Osprey Double Kick Complete Skateboard

The Review

Keeping things fresh and simple, the Osprey Double Kick Complete Skateboard comes in four colorful designs and makes a perfect choice for those trying to master a few tricks.

It has been designed for the street and park skaters and includes hard wheels that give you the smoothest possible glide over smooth concrete and warehouse floors. It comes pre-assembled with grip tape applied to the deck making it ready to hit the park as soon as you take it out of the box.

The Osprey Skateboard features aluminum trucks and wheels that meet the standard trick board size requirements that make for an easy pop. Besides, you get great control courtesy of its concave design and the double tail kick.

The skateboard is made using 7-ply Maple wood where the deck sandwiches 2-ply premium Canadian maple wood between its Chinese Maple Core. Overall, it has a strong deck and offers great value.

This skateboard also comes equipped with 99A bushings and ABEC-7 precision bearings allowing them to enjoy quick acceleration without any kind of wobbling.

Overall, they make the best choice for skateboarders learning a few new tricks and trying to master them.


Double kick skateboard design for trying a few tricks

ABEC-7 chrome bearings with 99A bushings to offer a smooth ride

Sturdy Premium Maple wood construction

The complete skateboard comes ready to ride


Trucks tend to bend slightly after you perform a few tricks



Xootz Kids Complete Skateboard For Beginners

Best Skateboard For Kids And Amateurs

07 - Xootz Kids Complete Skateboard For Beginners

The Review

Xootz Snake Skull Complete Skateboard is a stylish choice for kids and amateurs trying to learn a few tricks. It’s a double-kick skateboard that is meant to play stunts and tricks and gives amateur skaters a perfect opportunity to master a few of them.

It boasts of sturdy construction courtesy of its durable 9-ply deck made of premium quality Maple wood, 5mm trucks, and 6 mm risers. It has 54x35mm PVC wheels along with 608z bearings too. With these specs, you can really expect a sturdy platform under your feet and can enjoy a smooth ride.

The skateboard comes pre-assembled and you can simply unwrap your piece and hit the roads right away. It really makes a great choice for beginners offering all the maneuverability they need.


Great skateboard for beginners with perfect maneuverability

Available in bright and colorful designs

Perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts

Durable deck built with 9-ply Maple wood

Comes equipped with quality grip tape for a slip-resistant finish


Trucks are a little stiff


Osprey VW Complete Skateboard With Double Kick Design

Best Skateboard For Adventure Lovers

08 - Osprey VW Complete Skateboard With Double Kick Design

The Review

The Volkswagen campervans bring the same excitement and drive to this Osprey VW Complete Skateboard that boasts a double kick design. Perfect for adventure lovers, it allows you to perform a few tricks and learn some new ones as well.

The officially licensed Volkswagen explorer board comes with smaller wheels and meets the standard for the best trick boards. Besides, it is lightweight and quite durable as well. It is made with 7-ply Canadian Maple wood and lasts longer than you might have imagined.

It is great for performing different tricks courtesy of its concave design and 5” aluminum trucks, giving you all the control and stability you need under your feet. You can expect quick acceleration with its ABEC-7 chrome bearings and 94A bushings but it doesn’t compromise stability for that either.

So, if you are planning to gift Volkswagen Signature design skateboard to a VW lover or want something special for yourself, this board won’t disappoint you.


Comes complete with everything you need to practice those kickflips

Offers a perfectly smooth ride with ABEC-7 precision bearings

Double Kick design for pulling off great tricks

Boasts an officially licensed design from the Volkswagen brand

Strong 7-ply maple wood construction


Some complaints are there about the hologram sticker



CCS Complete Skateboard

Best Classic Skateboard For Cruising

09 - CCS Complete Skateboard

The Review

CCS is a brand that’s been around for more than 30 years and you can expect nothing from them but the best. So, if you’re looking for a classic skateboard for your cruising journey, this is the one you should go with. In fact, it makes a perfect choice for you if you have to perform a few tricks and display your skateboarding mastery every now and then.

This complete skateboard seems like a pretty basic option with almost no branding on it. The popsicle deck just has simple black grip tape on it and there’s no graphic underneath.

When it comes to function, it features 52mm wheels that are 100A hard making it a perfect choice for use in the skating parks. However, it won’t be too good of a choice if you have to skate in the street and on the asphalt tracks. The trucks are standard 139mm size as well. So, you need to be careful before hitting the streets with this skateboard under your feet.

As far as the size is concerned, you get a couple of options to choose from with this skateboard. It is available in a 7” mini skateboard for kids and an 8.5” large skateboard for adults who might need a bigger space to rest their feet on.

It’s also a budget-friendly choice for those looking for a basic skateboard with fairly good quality. It comes bare, however, and may not suit those who love some fancy graphics on their skateboards.


Classic skateboard with symmetrical shape perfect for cruising

Sturdy skateboard with maple wood construction

Comes pre-assembled and ready to ride

Equally good for first-timers and seasoned veterans


Some issues in the assembling of the product reported


SAMHUO Skateboards 31” Pro Complete Skateboard

Best Skateboard For Extreme Sports And Outdoor Use

10 - SAMHUO Skateboards 31” Pro Complete Skateboard

The Review

Ready to perform some tricks outdoors or want to take part in extreme sports, try this SAMHUO Skateboard now. It can make your perfect partner with its double-kick concave design and solid playability. It can even make an ideal choice for beginners who want to perform basic stunts like OL action, 360s, etc. However, it works great for professional skaters as well.

It is made using 7-layer panel-select Canadian maple and has high-density non-slip waterproof diamond emery paper on top of it. So, you can expect a completely safe ride in all conditions.

It is made durable and can easily bear up to 300 kg weight and its solid PU wheels won’t falter even under that much weight. ABEC-7 chrome bearings help ensure faster speed as well for successful tricks. The skateboard uses high-quality PU wheels made with 53mm 102A hard resin material that offer greater wear resistance and are appropriate for use on the highways, skate parks, and even wooden floors.

It is very easy on the eyes as well and boasts of great pattern design and color matching. So, if you are concerned about aesthetics, you really don’t need to.


Sturdy 7-layer Maple wood construction

High-quality PU wheels for ultimate performance

The double-Kick concave design offers great playability

Perfect for all sorts of runs on any surface

Great for performing different tricks


It may not be too sturdy to last a lifetime

Some bearing issues have been reported by the users


Final Conclusion or Wrapping up

There are all types of skateboards available on the market and you can find something to match every need. The advantage with the best complete skateboards is that you don’t need any technical skills to set them up before you could take a ride. Just take your piece out of the box and start rolling. Ready to make a purchase? Pick a great skateboard for your needs from the list above!